Newborn Photo Session

You have the kid was born?


On the head of the fallen heap of worries, the force at the end of ... But it was at this time are the most magical pictures. Sleeping lump love looks amazing! When he grows up he will thank you for not remembering and remember this time for him.

Why is it so important to catch a session within the first 14 days?

Only these days, the child generally sleeps and eats. Can then start cramping and problems with the belly. This complicates the picture for the baby and parents. Although, with some patience, make unusual shots are possible.

Don't worry because of problems with the skin. All the redness, spots, we carefully remove yellowness in retouching.

A newborn baby is changing by leaps and bounds. This short period quickly and permanently will fly. Book a photo session in advance, for example during pregnancy.



15 photos selected from 350-500 shots
Shooting in a cosy and warm Studio for Newborns ranging in age from 3 to 18 days.

By ordering this package You get for FREE:

  •  At least 4 color variants of each photo
  •  Clothes and interesting props for newborns
  •  Increase the length of the shooting, if necessary
  •  Triptychs, if there are similar pictures