Infant Photo Session

Also like to look at photos of their children?

Children grow so quickly that it is possible to forget how he looked during the first months of life, it was fragile and vulnerable creatures. Thanks to the photographer, you can visit these fleeting moments captured forever. At any time so you can remember what should baby miniature hands, how cute popotahovalo nosánkem or how sweetly You sleep in the arms of ...

Children usually love photography and still prefer to do then your photos. "That's how I recently looked",-tells you later when You will be showing pictures of two or three years old.

In the Studio we have a pleasant interior, in which you feel comfortable, relaxed and feel like at home. Photo of children must always take place with the interest and the children should enjoy. 

Children's photos are for the children of one of the fundamental sources of knowledge itself at an early age. Order a photo session with us and give your children a happy childhood memories, they will remain for a lifetime!



15 photos selected from 250-400 shots
Shooting in a cosy and warm Studio for Infants and Babies aged from 2 to 12 months.

By ordering this package You get for FREE:

  •  At least 4 color variants of each photo
  •  Clothes and interesting props for babies and infants
  •  Increase the length of the shooting, if necessary
  •  Triptychs, if there are similar pictures