How Does it Work?


Just 5 simple steps!

Step 1 – Visit with photographer's Order through the form on our website or contact us directly. Together we choose the term that will be best for you, and the reserve. We came forward, working not only in working days, but also on Saturday.

Step 2 – We recommend that you read our types in advance, and frequently asked questions. Think about this, what would you prefer to let the background picture. What would you like to give your photos the tone or theme? If you need to vizážistu to let us know in advance. Then just have to choose what to wear.

Step 3 – In the agreed time you will come to us either in the Studio or other place where the photo shoot take place. Within a few hours all packing from different angles and different background. The photo shoot may be preceded by a version.

Step 4 – Within two to three days after the shooting we will send you all the slides, so that you can choose which ones you like the most. If you want to, we can select the best images for you, nothing for this service does not apply. To selected slides then zaretušujeme what will be needed.

Step 5 – For 18 to 21 days after the photo shoot you will receive the finished photo on DVD or download over the internet. If you have ordered a printed photo, it is necessary to count with 2 or 3 extra days, and in the case of Books still 3 weeks ago.