Create Personalised Photo Book


You like when friends admire your photos?

The best way to do this is to order a photo book. In this, the colourful, modern version of the photo album, you can easily save all interesting photos. Photo book will look at family and friends, work colleagues. You yourself will gladly open it after many years, and a month after the shooting.

A magnificent example of family welfare and the care of children is a children's book. All stages of a child's life, starting from infancy, would be brought in the form of a colorful photo story on the key moments of his life. Children's photo book will be an invaluable gift to you and your descendants!

And that it is best to give grandparents? Of course the family photo book!

We create photo books not only from his own works, in addition to the photo shoot, but also from your photos.

See example photobooks to 32 pages created from a family photo shoot. In creating this book were used, the original versions of photos plus several special treatments.   Another example is a school photo book on page 72. Source material — reportage photography with several school activities. This book has a circulation of 15-20 copies, but the coding is paid once.

How to calculate the cost of photobooks?

The cost of the book is made up of three components:

  1. The cost of typesetting: 30 CZK (from photos taken by us) or 50 CZK (from your photos) per page — is our Studio.
  2. The cost of printing photobooks from 127 to 4000 CZK per copy.
    Print photobooks in BONTIA company — is the best manufacturer of photo books in the Czech Republic.
    That's the cost of printing the photo books
    HARD and
    EXCLUSIVE cover.
  3. Cost of SHIPPING books from printing on your or our address is 119 Kč.

For example, you order 3 instance 32-page photobook 276 x x 215 mm, hardcover, then its price will be of:

  1. Coding of 32 pages x 30 CZK = 960 CZK
  2. Print 3 copies x 809 CZK = 2427 CZK
  3. Delivery = 119 CZK

The total cost of the order and the price of 3506 CZK one instance of photobooks with delivery is 1169 CZK. Agree, the sum is quite acceptable.

Life is so interesting and gives us many subjects for photography. So gather interesting shots together and create an exciting photo Chronicle of his life!


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