About Maternity Photo Session

Your tummy has become amazingly photogenic and future baby and mom ready for creative moments? Then it's time to think of ways to make a gift-order pregnancy photo session.

Traditionally, the best period for pregnant women is 7-8 month belly excellently beautiful and expectant mother has enough is movable and can be all sorts of creative camera angles.

Note, however, that success, style and beauty photo session depends not only on the photographer, but also from you. That is why it is important to read all these tips:

  • How to prepare for a photo session?
  • What clothing to bring?
  • How to do makeup?
  • How to behave during the photo session?

These and other questions we will answer in this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via the form below or in any way possible.

How to prepare for a photo session?

  • You can take the photo session dad and older children, and even your favorite cat or dog. But in this case, please check out our recommendations for a family photo session.
  • On the eve of good relax-physically and emotionally. It is important to get enough sleep to look great and be in a good mood.
  • Do not drink a lot of water the day before, especially if you are prone to swelling.
  • If filming is scheduled for the afternoon, try to unload the first half from complicated and tiring Affairs.
  • If you have a runny nose, well in advance of the deal with him. Instil drops and follow your nose. These defects, it is extremely difficult to remove with photos.

What clothing to bring?

  • Take mainly the clothes in which you feel good-especially new and favorite.
  • Prefer the gentle tones of light clothing, preferably a monochromatic or with a subtle pattern.
    • The couple loved sundresses or light dresses that make you beautiful.
    • Long skirt.
    • Jeans, in which you can get.
    • Her husband's shirt (plaid or light-colored).
    • Sweatshirts with a deep neckline, "perky" robe, pajamas and funny slippers-all this can be.
    • Beautiful lingerie.
  • Never use socks. Usually, people are photographed barefoot, but if the shoe is part of the image, please, keep it clean. Shoes should not leave any traces on the paper background Studio.
  • Everyone is always better than the other knows their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, if you understand what you want to discuss with your photographer ahead of time, the style of the photo session. Show him examples-it can be a link on the Internet, magazines or photos.
  • For group and family pictures have something unifying. This can be one color or style of clothing, the same shoes, or all at once. The most simple-jeans with a white/black t-shirt or shirt.
  • Do not take clothes with patterns in a small cage or stripes may appear on the photo-divorce. Exclude also the colorful clothing with large prints, sequins and overly bright. Such clothes will detract from your image. Better to give preference to a monochromatic clothing.
  • If you feel comfortable, take your high heel shoes, this shoes advantage will complement any image.
  • You can take beautiful costume jewelers: necklaces, earrings, bracelets.
  • Please note that the manicured nails (manicure, pedicure), clean and styled hair will look at the pictures more effective undoubtedly.
  • Please go to the choice of linen.
    • Good lingerie can help you adjust the shape, it is very important! You can easily remove a mole when retouching, but the posture and bends of the body change is much more difficult.
    • Underwear should be solid colors. When photo shooting, you have to move a lot. Beautiful footage often spoil not only bra or panties, failed pops up from under garments, but strip away the toiletries, noticeable under clothing. Strange as it may sound, it is better to just remove the clothes from the clothing in General, than later be upset because of this "trivia". Especially for things like photo shooting low-waist jeans.
    • Do not take much seamless panties, they break the smooth lines of the hip.
    • If you want to be in underwear, Bikini or nude, remember that tight underwear band and leaves dents in the skin. These strips take about an hour. For the photo session it is better to choose free or seamless underwear.
  • Stockings and tights take the most subtle, two main colors-beige and black. But remember the rule, if you wear stockings or pantyhose, using shoes required.
  • Bring a few scrunches, which will not be noticeable in the hair, beautiful hair clips and comb.
  • Gloves, scarves, umbrellas, hats and so on-all this can be very useful.

What to take with you?

  • If there is something for the future baby-body suits, booties, rattle-it will then remind you about those nine months.
  • Take items out of your life, which reflect your personality or just interesting to you. Tool, toy violin, guitar-fits all.
  • Very good look at frame flowers.
  • To relax, take a CD/DVD/USB with your favorite music.

How to do makeup?

  • Liters of varnish, toothpaste, tubes of gel and fleece on your head, leave for another occasion. Clean your hair and easy installation-here's what you need. It will give the parent a gentle charm.
  • Makeup you are already familiar from the beauticians. If you do a makeover before joining in a Photo Studio, be sure tobring all the materials-often, you need to improve your makeup during photo shooting.
  • The main problem, which becomes visible in the photos-shine face. With lighting equipment in the Studio quickly becomes hot. In addition, photo posing often requires physical effort. So please grab the photo session powder in tone, suitable to your skin.

How to behave during the session?

  • Go as you like, but try not to slouch and not-stopping still. Don't become a "posture". The more complex and the unnatural pose for a photo session, the worse it looks in the picture. Especially if you're not a professional model.
  • Help the photographer, watch your appearance for the buttons, pants, laces, etc.

Safety and our rules.

  • We follow the purity in the Studio and are therefore not allowed to be photographed in street shoes. If you want to be photographed in the shoes, please bring clean shoes with you. Shoes should not leave any traces on the paper background Studio.
  • You can drink the water and eat in the recreation area, but do not allow children to eat at the place of photographing. In addition to background contamination is greatly complicates the retouch, because every Crumb is deleted manually.
  • In the Studio a lot of expensive equipment and requisites, please take care of them. Make sure that the baby dropped the Flash, not broken background, not spoiled props.

Good photo session!

From you in time to come, relax and have fun. After all, photo session is an excellent adventure, irreplaceable gift and a great way to raise their self-esteem.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask them via this form or in any way possible.

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